Creating A Portfolio In Google Finance

Google finance is one of the best finance related application that is present in the market. The application lets you get the information of both the sectors to be it public or private, get information about the stocks, get a detail of the news that happens in the world of marketing and finance and much more. Hence if you are interested in the finance even the least, then do make a portfolio on the website.

What are the prerequisites for making an account on the website?
The main features that you need to make an account on the website are that you create a google account. This is surely one of the simplest processes and on top of that it is free, therefore you need not to pay even a penny when you want to create a google account. The process takes an overall of less than a minute so it is time efficient too.

How to create a portfolio
To create a google finance portfolio all you need is to click on the portfolio option that would have been provided in the homepage of the google finance then you have to fill in the required details that have been asked by the website and you are all done to enjoy the various information’s about the stocks, mutual funds, and other finance-related stuff.

If you are interested in getting news about finance and the stock market then do use google finance and create a portfolio on the website.