Customized Phone Grips- Both Guard and a Thing to Flaunt

Today everyone has a fancy phone which they love a lot or it costs a lot. No one would like it to get damaged in a short span of time. Yes, there are tempered glasses and hard covers but they have their own demerits. Tempered glass break when the phone drops, sometimes they can’t even protect the screen. Hard covers are good but they take away the look of the phone. There is a proverb which goes as “Prevention is better than cure”. Why not let the smartphone fall? Why don’t you have such an accessory that can prevent the phone from falling and also help in other activities such as a stand and a style icon?

Phone grips is the solution. Phone grip is a mobile accessory that can prevent the phone from falling, slipping or dropping down from the hands. The procedure to use a phone grip is that, it is pasted on the back cover of the phone. It has a ring like structure that can be open and rotated in whichever way you want. While holding the phone, you insert any one finger in the ring and use the phone. It will not let the phone slip or fall from your hand.

There are varieties of phone grips available in the market with a variety of designs. What if you get such a grip which is customized as per your choice? The picture on the base of the ring is a picture of your choice, or of something or someone you like! It is amazing and worth every penny.

Well, Qstomize comes up with an innovative form of phone grips where you can actually customize what colour and designed phone grip you like. This custom phone grip comes at an affordable price and have many exciting features.

Specifications and Features of custom phone grip

  • It is only 3mm thick.
  • It is made up of electroplated lightweight zinc alloy.
  • It has an easy to peel 3M tape for easy application.
  • It comes in an attractive plastic case which serves as gift purpose

The custom phone grip has the following features:

  • It has a no-drop mechanism
  • The material is magnetic and can be attached to any cash dashboard or magnetic holder
  • The kickstand is adjustable and can make your phone look like a mini-TV

Thus all the above features and specifications make this custom phone grip tempting to purchase and apply it your phone.