How to dress for New York Fashion Week in February ’19?


New York Fashion Week is a gala event, attended mainly by the elite and the stalwarts of the fashion industry. Dressing up for a weeklong event like the New York Fashion week should be fun, but one also needs to keep their comfort level and versatility in mind while making a style statement. If you want to get photographed and grab the eye-balls then, these are a few fashion tips that you can use to dress u for the biggest fashion event of the year.

Tips for dressing up for the Fashion week

  • Mix the prints- One can never go wrong with prints, and New York Fashion week is the perfect place for experimenting with prints. You can try different prints and create a bold look.
  • Draping and layering are a girl’s best friend- Draping your jacket on your shoulders instantly ups your styling game. Draping along with layering is definitely the safest bet and a girl’s best friend.
  • Go out for your comfort zone- Try spicing up your look with some colour or prints that you would not usually wear on a daily basis.
  • Go bold with colours- Want to grab the attention of publicists and photographers? Then go for a bold colour. Wearing bold colours can help you stand out from the rest.
  • Statement accessories- To the New York Fashion week avoid wearing normal accessories; instead, opt for the statement pieces.
  • Power-suits- Wearing power-suits with high heels is quite an eye-catching option for the fashion week.

By following these fashion tips you can actually cause a storm and grab a million eye-balls at the fashion week.