Setting Up A Mobile Massage Business and Running It Successfully

What Is Mobile Massage?

Mobile massage refers to the process under which the massage practitioner visits the client. The therapist usually meets people in their houses, hospitals or workplaces. Remote office massage is also known as a business massage and is frequently reserved for the employees by businesses. Mobile massage is distinguished by a relaxing massage on the property of the company. The mobile massage therapist has everything you need to deliver a spa quality massage, with its massage table, oil, candles, music. The first thing to determine is whether or not you really want a mobile massage company, since you think you can’t open an office or rent a room. It also happens that massage therapists give up such a thing so that they don’t have overheads and don’t have to rent an office room. If you just begin with that and expect to have a room – that works too. Some massage businesses like 서울1인샵 are best but a mobile massage would be a unique idea.

Business Plans for A Mobile Massage Therapist

A mobile massage therapist business plan is exactly the same as with most massage businesses. Run a business research to figure out if the society wants this. Find out which equipment you need and whether your vehicle will hold your equipment.  You will need to haul:

  • Massage Table Carrier
  • Massage Table
  • Clock
  • Supplies – pillows, Sheets, lotions/oils etc.
  • Music – MP3 Player or any other device

Marketing Your Business

Local relationships

Both women agree that when you’re out with your community, it’s important to speak. Ask area therapists to recall whether they get an outcall order. References must work both directions, so make sure that you return the favor.

Online efforts

A website was a vital aspect of a business campaign for a massage therapist. A good website will allow customers to find you and develop your business. Just some of the marketing instruments massage therapists can use on a Facebook website, LinkedIn account and email newsletter. Getting a website is a good way to make your name accessible to consumers and search engines.


Serving as a mobile massage therapist may feel very isolated, however means of keeping connected are possible. For example, you may take part in activities in your local AMTA Chapter or create relationships. It can be mutually advantageous to establish professional ties with other nearby firms. For more info visit below:

What should you Charge for Mobile Massage?

Mobile massage gives consumers ease, and people pay higher prices for warmth. Since massage therapy is a luxury, the services should be provided based on competition. The US costs $120 for 60-minute mobile massage, while the UK costs £ 65 for a 60-minute mobile massage. For your mobile massage services, you can charge a premium because you are a professional massage therapist with minimal availability.