What fantasy football draft apps would you recommend?

There are various fantasy football draft apps that are available on the internet and some of them have the best exclusive features to showcase to the audience. Thus, some of the most distinguished fantasy football draft apps are as follows:

  • Yahoo Fantasy Sports Draft Kit-

This one is one of the most recognized draft apps for fantasy football players ever. This app is compatible with both Android and IOS platforms and there are various other applications that have been launched in the market to give a tough competition to this app. The basic feature that comes forth is that are various updates available that can be used on a daily basis in making several draft options. Additionally, apart from football, other games like hockey and cricket are also covered by the application and thus, one can definitely take part in more than one league and even switch sometimes for additional profits. One can also read several news and form opinions related to the game as well.

  • The Football Guys Draft Dominator-

There are various sorts of information’s that one can recover from this application and that includes several news updates about the leagues, players, matches, etc. in addition to that, one can use the filter option to see various resources that would suit to the advantage of the players. There are projections and also rankings available for the players as well.


These are considered to be some of the best draft applications for Fantasy football.