What is the Pokemon Jupiter edition?

Pokemon Jupiter is basically a hacked version of the original Pokemon video game branded as ‘Pokemom Ruby’ released in 2002. A member of the PokeCommunity known as “Corvus of the Black Night” hacked the game mechanics and developed its own version in early 2009 adding various new effects of its own. Though the engine core and the assets were that of the original game. This hack developed quite the audience in a very small time because of its similarity to the original game. It has a set of interesting characters, own storyline, and effects. This game is though available only for older consoles like Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color.

What are the features included in the game?

The features of the game are a combination of gameplay from the Pokemon Golden Sun Series and the original Pokemon games. This combination comprises of a unique gameplay which includes strategy and planning along with advanced skills to complete challenges and quests within the game. The sound and texture have undergone a complete redesign from that of the original series. It is said to feature over 60 songs that can be played using a music box and the textures of the characters are hand-drawn. Also, each Pokemon has a unique animation effect that was not given in the original series.

The game features its own storyline in which the main playable character is Ivan and the other side main character is Charon. Both of them go through a portal to reach the world of Pokemons known as Mynoan. And the primary goal of the game is to stop the events from ending the world. The characters have a well-designed map which allows them to explore throughout the world and complete certain quests and challenges to level up. The game also features famous characters from the original series that you will happen to encounter during your exploration.

About Pokemon Jupiter release version 6.04.

There are frequent updates in the game, as the game keeps updating for improvements in features, bugs fixes and many more. Release 6.04 of Pokemon Jupiter is the latest and the most recent one. This update is said to contain some of the following updates.

The update mentioned about some things that are being updated in the game such as; all non-playable characters to have telepathic abilities, introducing female playable characters and also some sort of glitch fixes.