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Why are most celebrities’ liberal progressives?

Celebrities are mostly actors, sportsman, musicians, athletes, etc. The celebrities don’t tend to live a normal life as we do. Their careers are much riskier/long short careers. They get to hear several things even or uneven related to their career selection. People choose this as a career just not for money but also because of their passion and ambition.

In simple terms, liberalism is something that doesn’t actually exists, it is the ideology of different people. The person who gets into the field of acting, modeling, or musicians tends to live a tough life as compared to ours because everyone who gets into this field doesn’t make it to the top. In spite of so much struggle, only 5% of people achieve their goal. And this 5% are those who don’t fear to accept the changes and take chances in their life. One of the key abilities to live like a celebrity is to put yourself in front of someone in such a way that they are driven by your thoughts.

Celebrities are above from the people who have conservative thinking. They live their life without any fear of failures and are better at abstract, imaginative, and creative thinking which makes them liberal and because of this attitude only they are liberal progressive. They are surrounded by people who are different from them which encourages sympathy and understanding among them.

So, here is the quick summary of why most celebrities liberal progressive. They choose their career out of their passion and ambition, they don’t tend to fear from changes and failures, and being around people who are different than them gives them enormous support.